We Help Business Grow!
We Help Business Grow!
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About Digima



  • Business Name: Digima Web Solutions, Inc.
  • Business Type: Private Corporation
  • Location:

    Digima New Office

955 Quezon Avenue, Brgy. Sta. Cruz, Quezon City. 1104

You can waze above address! Landmark: Along Fishermall, between UCPB and Saint Raphael Animal Center


    Company History

    Digima Web Solutions, Inc. was incorporated last June 29, 2016.

    The company was formed by a group consisting of young and vibrant developers that strives to be one of the leading company in software and web solutions industry.


    What we do?

    We are good at building brands and improving your global presence so that we develop meaningful and long term relationships with you. Our core services focuses in Web Design and Development, Web Programming, E-commerce Web Development, Sleek-Modern & Mobile Responsive Web Design, SEO and Apps for Android & iOS, maintain and update website content to both existing and new clients. We also accept any Graphic Design services, Produce 2D animated Videos, and Social Media Marketing. Our services are not limited to what a technical I.T Professional can do but also professional business advice on how are you

    going to innovate your business process.


    Our Mission

    To endorse our clients with business solutions designed to drive their performance and profitability. with our in-depth knowledge, vast resources, and steady work values combined, we aim at leaving our footprints in the IT industry.

    Our Vision

    To be the leading company providing System & Solution, supplying our clients with cutting edge technology, business innovation and services that could bring their business globally competitive.


    Our Values



    -Respecting every individual, colleague, management and client is with highest importance



    Continuously improving our skills, knowledge and abilities



    -We are one team. We are one DIGIMA! Working together is our key to create a better work



    Focus on our client needs



    -Mindful on customer concerns, still be mindful as well with company policy. Have balance on handling concerns.



    -Listen first before acting, analyze before deciding on every problem. Every problem is unique.



    Discipline is the cornerstone of success - practice it!



    -Automate things that are redundant and on 2nd time around make sure the time is lessen.

    -Initiate process that will improve workers efficiency resulting to be more productive.



    -Don’t procrastinate, always aim for the best.

    -Be positive and all things are possible.



    -Say what you mean, and mean what you say.


    Services Offered

    • I. Compliance Division

      FDA Consultancy and Assistance Services

      DTI Assistance

      SEC Assistance

      IPO or Trademark Filing


      II. Software Division

      Basic Website

      Ecommerce Website

      Payroll Software Development


      III. Toll Manufacturing Division

      Coffee Toll Manufacturing

      Milk Tea Toll Manufacturing

      Juice Toll Manufacturing

      Capsule Toll Manufacturing

      Cosmetic Toll Manufacturing


      IV. Online Marketing Division

      Social Media Marketing