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SECAS-SEC Assistance ServicesDetailed Steps in SEC Filing

  1. Send Quotation. (SECAS-DIGIMA)
  2. Downpayment 50% by Customer to have Job Order
  3. Initial application to be provided by by SECAS to be filled by Customer. Name, Address, TIN, etc.
  4. SECAS Encode details, filling of correct distribution of Par Value, Shares of Stocks, Paid Up Capital.
  5. Customer and SECAS Finalize the Primary Purpose.
  6. Review Details by Customer.
  7. File Final Application (SECAS).
  8. Initial Review by SEC.
  9. Job Order, For Payment in SEC Office.
  10. Last Payment Required from Client.
  11. Client print out of 4 Sets of SEC docs (articles, coversheet)
  12. Signing of hard copy by Directors and pls Notarized, 4 sets (Client)
  13. Client send 4 sets of hard copy to SECAS/DIGIMA Office thru LBC or any courier
  14. Submission of SEC Original Docs to SEC Pasay.
  15. Waiting 5 working days for the certificate.
  16. Certificate Issuance.
  17. Sending approved cert to the owner or client or company ( thru lbc, lalamove )

Timetable: 10-15 Working Days.


SECAS-SEC Assistance Services Filing